Opening ceremony of the second "Fischvierterls"


Referring to the article of last week, we can now report a more solemn opening of the second "fishing areas" at the Naschmarkt.
Last Friday, the 11th November 2011 was attended by over 200 guests to sample many seafood specialties.
Despite the low temperatures on Friday evening guests enjoyed a few hours of fine food and alcoholic beverages.

Here are some photos

Festival on the Carmelite Market and official opening of the fish restaurant and pavilion with specialties from Istria


On Friday, 23 September 2011 held a joint grand opening of two new venues on the Market of the Carmelites in Vienna.
FIRST: a completely new part of the restaurant took off – Fischvierterl – serving fish dishes from around the world.
SECOND: a new pavilion Istranka with specialties from Slovenian Istria and region of Kras.
Numerous guests were warmly welcomed by Georg Schilhan - Managing Director of Marktachterl restaurant, Dieter Kaas - Trade Trans Group CEO and Milan Pucko (in Slovenian) - Managing Director of Trade Trans Adria.

Polish forwarding company Trade Trans Log meeting with customers


Trade Trans Log – road forwarding company acting stronger on the polish market since the beginning of the year, organized last weekend a big meeting with customers in the well-known weekend centre in Kiermusy in the region of Bialystok.
During the two-day meeting there were many opportunities to discuss both current and planned businesses and to establish closer contacts with customers and between employees from different national and foreign locations.
Good weather and excellent organization with very good food and great music contributed to the fact that this meeting will remain long in the memory of all participants.
Please find enclosed some pictures. For more information see Trade Trans Log.

New branch of the Trade Trans Raillogistics in Bucharest


Since 1 June 2011, the Trade Trans Raillogistics is represented also in Bucharest. This step strengthens the Trade Trans Group's position in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. Both the railway and the car department will offer customers the most optimal solution. A small but well-trained team is willing to do basically everything in the interest of the client.

Trade Trans Raillogistics
Str. Maramures Nr 24 A
Bl. 1, Ap 14
Otopeni, Ilfov

Fish Bistro in Marktachterl restaurant


Austrian weekly FALTER published last week an article entitled "Das Vierterl Achterl them" (free translation "One quarter of one-eighth" - a separate part of the fish kitchen in a restaurant), about growing fish empire of Dieter Kaas. Generally ready fish restaurant placed in the Market of the Carmelite (Karmelitermarkt) in Vienna, which presented its offer of Istrian cuisine became the occasion.
In the accompanying article are listed further projects of empire.
Further information is also posted in his Austrian KURIER weekend edition (also attached).

TT Adria – new company in Koper (North - Adriatic region)


In Slovenian port of Koper a new company established - TT Adria. Shareholders of this company are PKP Cargo International and Trade Trans.
Both owners can use it to expand logistics services, especially in the northern Adriatic region and overseas transport.

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